This is a multi-level we designed and built ourselves.

3 bedrooms, a loft study, 2.5 bathrooms and 2 car garage.

It stood well against all 4 hurricanes in 2004 including a high end category 3, with only minimal shingle damage.

In the spring of 2010 we have replaced the shingles with metal roofing. 




Each Christmas we put lots of lights on our house. We have done this almost every year since moving in.

Here is our house all decked out in lights for Christmas 2007. 

We had 10.000 lights all under computer control and set to music that was sent via a transmitter to your car's stereo.

We had 4 different songs and the show lasted about 10 minutes. 

In 2008 we went to 15,000 lights and 5 songs. In 2010 we had 19,000 lights and programmed up 7 songs!

Next on the horizon.................... LASERS !!



Here a a great video done by a local newspaper.




 Sorry for the poor quality on these, made with an older camcorde and converted.


The video on the left is from 2007, the one on the right is from 2008.


I hope to add more videos of the other songs soon.

I grew up in the Crystal Lake area of Lakeland, Florida.

 During the 1980's you might have seen me driving around in my 1978 Orange & Black Dodge Power Wagon.

I was a part time DJ at places like Skate World, Star Light and Skate Dimensions in Auburndale.

We try to take at least two vacations a year. One, a drive/fly destination vacation, the other a cruise. We have been on over 25 different cruises. And we are down to just 12 states in to visit in the USA. We have visited over 12 different countries. 


Not much can be said for my ham radio activity lately.  6 meters is always fun.  I  have a 50 ft crank up tower. I always keep it lowered when not in use. This is after being hit by lightning in 1997,  I'm very cautious. That hit took out over $4000 worth of electronics around the house. We had only been in the house about 4 months and the tower had only been erected about two. During the hurricanes of 2004, my antennas were once again destroyed. I had cranked down and folded over the tower. But a large tree from an adjacent lot fell directly across the back of my yard, crushing my antennas. 

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