The Hurricanes of 2004 really laid waste to the beaches here. With all the fill being pumped on the local beaches, its been a slow year.

14K Gold wedding band

14K Gold wedding band

14K Gold wedding band

5 Emeralds in Gold

Gold Nugget ring

Aquamarine with Diamond in Gold

Opal and w Diamonds

Gold w/ CZ solitaire

.925 Silver

.925 Silver

.925 Silver Bracelet

Ladies Fossil fashion watch

$600 Movado Ladies Watch

Gold Cross and Chain

Timex Watch

Winchester Pocket Knife

Junk fashion watch, still running !

Emerald with small Diamonds in Gold

Huge Tourmaline and CZ's in .925 Silver 

Men's Gold Bracelet 

10k Gold child's ring

Misc Silver Rings

Large Heart Shaped CZ in Silver

Crematorium Tag

1904 Barber Dime

1880, 1898, and 1901 Indian Head Pennies


 Coins For 2005


1837 Large Cent

 6 Silver Half Dollars in one day !!!

1904 Barber Dime

1856 Seated half Dime

1902 Indian Head Cent

1867 French Silver 5 Francs

1865 Shield Nickel  1898 Indian Head Cent

180? Flowing Hair Large Cent

1864 Two Cent Piece  1880 Indian Head Cent  



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