Off to a great start ! A January storm brought a huge 4 foot cut to a local beach.


Gold Wedding Band


2000 High School Class ring

(no luck retuning it yet)

Very Nice ladies wedding set!


Gold Wedding Band

Gold Wedding Band

Gold Ring

Very old 18K Gold Ring

3 Wheat Back Pennies stuck together

Gold Wedding Band

Silver Ring

Silver Pill Ring

Brass and Bronze Spikes from the 1715 Treasure Fleet

Large Bronze Spike (1715 Fleet)

1998 University Class Ring

Religious Medallion 


Encrusted Silver Cross

Gold Earring with 5 Diamonds

Silver Necklace

14K Chain with Heart Charm & 18 Diamonds

18K Gold Charm w/18 Diamonds and Chain

1939 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Union Infantry Officers Button

Vicksburg, Ms


Union Mini Balls 

Vicksburg, Ms


Louisiana Tax Token

Vicksburg, Ms


Cast Navy Button

Vicksburg, Ms


Mississippi Tax Token

Vicksburg, Ms


More to Come


 Coins For 2004


1934 Washington Quarter 1943 Mercury Dime 1923 Mercury Dime
1942 Mercury Dime 1944 Mercury Dime 1954-D Roosevelt Dime
1944 Mercury Dime 1924 Buffalo Nickel  1926 Buffalo Nickel 
1912 "V" Nickel 1907 "V" Nickel Lots of Wheat back Pennies