It was a very lean year for GOLD !!!

Guess watch

Large Gold Wedding Band

14K Gold with 9 Diamonds

Gold Charms on Ring

Large Silver Ring 

Antique Gold Gilded Button 

Neat Silver Surfer Ring

Lead Boxcar Seals (FEC)

Large AVON Broach

Various Religious Charms

Silver Rope Chain

Silver Chain

Silver Chain

Silver Bracelet

Large Silver Necklace

10,000 Meter Run Medal

Various Silver, Toe and Junk Rings

Gold Bracelet

Union Infantry Officers Button

Fredericksburg Va.


Union Mini Balls (58cal)

Fredericksburg Va.


More to Come




Some Nice Coins

Maybe Pictures Soon?

1941 Washington Quarter 1908-S Barber Dime 1977 Kennedy Half 
1943 Silver "War" Nickel 1907 Indian Head Penny 1910-D Barber Dime
1939 Mercury Dime 1942 Washington Quarter 1907-S Barber Dime
1906 Indian Head Penny 1974-D Kennedy Half 1976 Kennedy Half


Sterling Cruise Line Gambling Token (2) 1905 Indian Head Penny 1943-D Mercury Dime
1917 Mercury Dime 1960 Roosevelt Dime 1962-D Roosevelt Dime
1911 "V" Nickel  1935 Washington Quarter 1943 Mercury Dime
1953 Roosevelt Dime 1958 Roosevelt Dime 1963-D Roosevelt Dime


1940 Walking Liberty Half 1943 Washington Quarter 1950 Washington Quarter
1945 Washington Quarter 188? Barber Dime Over 55 Wheat Back Pennies
Miscellaneous Transit Tokens