Super slow start. The beaches are just sanded in. To much beach replenishment !!



14K Gold


Miscellaneous Gold Charms


18K But the main stone is fake.


14K and Diamonds


10k with CZ's


10K with glass.


14K with Opal and small diamonds

10K with diamond chips

10k with glass

Girls Class Ring (no school name) 


14K with 1/3 carat Diamond.


Tri Colored 14K Gold


14K white Gold with diamonds


18K Gold and Platinum


10K White Gold


10K with CZ's


Gold Uppers

Gold with 1844 inscription.


10K Gold with very small Diamonds


Very low grade gold


10 K Gold


Big hunk of Glass


Gold Plated




10K Earring


2005 Class Ring made of craponium

(no school name)


Some Silver




Miscellaneous Silver Rings

Stainless and Titanium Rings

Silver St Nicholas Medal

Fossil Divers Watch

Bracelet remains

Miscellaneous Earrings

925 Silver Earrings found clamped together

Dollar coins

Large Stainless Steel Cross

Silver Bracelet Parts

Buckle found on 1715 site

 I find parts of this bracelet every year


Huge Silver Ring with turquoise and Bear Claw?

Same ring, back side.

Apollo 8 commemorative coin

Reverse of Apollo coin

1906 Barber Quarter

1906 Quarter Reverse

Silver beach Finds

Finds made in Nebraska




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