ENGLAND Spring 2017

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This was a 1 man trip. My own car, my own Hotel !! But I hung around Chicago Ron and his crew.


My car for the week, a Vauxhall Mooka

Driving on the left hand side of the road is not to bad. 

Neither is driving from the right side of the car. 

What was tuff is shifting a 6-speed with my left hand !!

Looks like a hammered silver

Looks like a lizzy

Looking more like a lizzy

1584-6 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat

First greenie of the hunt

Chicago Ron, his wife, his group and myself.



Crops were getting high

Crops were getting high

Was just walking along, I looked down and there was a big 1800's greenie laying right on top!

A 2nd century Roman Bronze

2 Roman Bronze's

1799 big penny in good shape.

Another little silver hammy

Bronze ring





A copper/bronze medallion

This was some tuff swinging.

1279 Edward 1st hammered silver penny

1279 Edward 1st hammered silver penny

 Hammered Silver Soldino

Antonio Venier 1382-1400 Soldino, Venice Mint


We got to hunt the land around this 1300's church. 

But of course not the church property or cemetary.

Inside the church

Inside the church

Medallion in the botton of a 8 inch plug

Silver Medallion

1922 Silver Sixpence

WWII anti-aircraft flak altimeter fuse part.


Bronze Ring, part of a Gold Ring and the 1922 silver Sixpemce.

Silver and copper Medallions

Only 4 Hammered Silver coins this trip

Another field

Snake Buckle or Clasp

Snake Buckle or Clasp (bottom)



This is the smallest find pouch for me yet. After 17+ weeks of hunting in England,

  I am throwing away more and keeping less junk.

This is derived from the actual export license application.


<   <  

1. Victorian gold signet ring

2. Antonio Venier 1382-1400 (Type 1) Italian States-Venice, Antonio Venier as Doge (1382-1400), Soldino, Venice Mint + ANTON VE_NERIO DVX Doge standing left, holding banner, * / P in right field + . S . MARCVS . VENETI .Winged lion of St. Mark facing left, holding book with both front paws all in inner circle

3. 1584-6 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat- Escallop mint mark

4. 1279 Edward 1st hammered silver penny Obv +EDWA R ANGL DNS hYB Rev CIVI/TAS/CAN/TOR - Canterbury mint

5.1922 George V milled sixpence

6. 1300-10 Edward II hammered silver farthing - New issue inner circles both sides - Type 28 Obv +EDWARDVS REX Rev CIVI/TAS/LON/DON - London mint

7. Georgian silver mount with glass stones

8. Victorian silver jewellery chain

9. 1500-1650 buckle

10. Georgian buckle

11. 18thC snake buckle

12.Georgian watch winder

13.2ndC Roman bronze coin -illegible

14. (161-180) AD Marcus Aurelius Roman bronze coin

15. 20thC silver St Christopher medallion

16.17thC crotal bell

17.1500-1650 buckle

18.4 lead musket balls/bullets

20. 1500-1700 mount

1.19 18th to 20th C copper coins

17. Pocket watch

18.Victorian pendant

19.Copper clasp

20.Georgian hook


11 Post Tudor buttons



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