ENGLAND Fall 2013

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The Crew for the fall of 2013


Potato Digger

Potato Digger


Old Cell Phone

Silver in the clod

Another view

What is it?

1663 Charles II Shilling

1663 Charles II Shilling (rev)

Big Silver?

1643 Charles 1st Hammered Shilling


Crotal Bell

Another Greenie !

More Silver?

Looks like a ring?

Its is a Silver Ring made from a Coin !

Local Wildlife


Greenie in the clod

Hammered 1575 Elizabeth 1st Silver half Groat

Another un-fired 50 Cal

Big Roman Bronze (222-235 AD)

See it in the bottom of the hole?

A close up in the hole.

1272 hammered silver half penny 

Watch Winders


Big Plow

Big Plow and Me

Blue Berries

Hay Storage



Roman Burial Mound



Watch winders

Our Transport for the 12 days

Hat Pin

A weeks worth of trash

There's that 3 wheeled car again

The Crown Pub


The Hammered Silver

Milled Silver, Jettons, coin weight, 1/2 reale, silver ring and other stuff



One of my favorite finds this time, Circa1280 English Jetton


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Of the nearly 1000 targets I dug in 12 days, this is what I kept.

This is derived from the actual export license application.

1. 1834 William IV milled silver shilling  

2. 1663 Charles II milled silver shilling  

3. 1838 Victoria milled silver four pence  

4. 1873 Victoria milled silver three pence  

5. 1929 George V milled silver sixpence  

6. 1696 William III milled silver sixpence - York mint

7. Exeter 1643 - 6 Charles 1st hammered silver shilling (12 pence) CR by Oval shield  

8. 1344 Edward III hammered silver penny florin penny -Cross 1 Obv EDWARD ANGLE DNS HYB Rev CIVI/TAS/LON/DON -London mint  

9. 1377-1399 Richard II hammered silver farthing- Type 1 (c) Obv + RICARD:REX :ANGL Rev CIVI/TAS/ LON/DON - London mint  

10.1575 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat  

11.1272 1st hammered silver half penny Obv +EDWA***L DNS HYB Rev CIVI/TAS/ LON/DON -London mint  

12.1247 Henry III hammered silver voided long cross penny Obv HENRICVS REX  

Rev GIL/BER/TON/CAN- Moneyer Gilbert of Canterbury mint  

13.1344 Edward III hammered silver penny - Florin issue Obv +EDWAR ANGL DNSHYB Rev CIVI/TAS/CAN/TOR - Canterbury mint  

14.Taco''s Edward hammered silver penny- needs fixing to ID properly  

15.SPAIN. 1/2 Real, 1610-C. Segovia Mint.  Phillip III  

16. 1696 William III milled silver sixpence  

17. Illegible silver sixpence  

18. 5 Georgian watch winders  

20. 16thC Tudor clothing fastener  


1. Georgian mount  

2. Military badge Rifle regiment  

3. Post-medieval copper-alloy buckle frame C AD 1650-1720  

4. Georgian spur fitting  

5. Post medieval harness ring  

6. Silver ring –Inscribed 1952 FRTY – R.T.ERDON AF  

8.15thC Angel coin weight - Circa 1493- British  

9. English medieval jetton not in ref books Appears to be the same period and design circa 1280 like the Lions of England type but this has a winged bird of prey on Obv  

10. 18thCsilver Royal Navy button  

11.1664 Joseph Gleason of Dedham Copper trade farthing  

12. 17thCcopper trade farthing -illegible

13. 17thC copper trade farthing-illegible  

14. 18thCsilver clog fastener  

15. Medieval beehive thimble  

16. 17thC Dutch type thimble with crest and name  

17. 7 Georgian thimbles  


1. 2ndC Roman bronze coin - illegible  

2. 2ndC Roman bronze coin - illegible  

3. 2ndC Roman bronze coin - illegible  

4. 2ndC Roman bronze coin - illegible  

5. 2ndC Roman bronze coin - illegible  

6. 1634 Charles 1st hammered copper rose farthings  

7. As of Severus Alexander, 222-235 Roman bronze coin  

8. 13thC seal ring – Initial R  

9. Georgian pastry jigger  

10. 18thCcrotal bell  

11. Victorian mount  

14. 20thCenamelled badge  

15. 1500-1700mount  

16. 18thCRussian lead bale seal  

18. 15thC lead token - type 2  

19. Lead toy soldier  

20.17thC copper trade farthing-illegible >

1.  9 – WWII AA flack shell fragments  

13. 11 lead musket balls  

16. Post medieval lead bale seal  

17. 15thC lead token - type 2  

18. 2 Post medieval lead alnage cloth seals  

19.Post medieval lead bale seal  

20.Post medieval lead bale seal  

25 – 18thto 20thC copper coins


23 – 18thto 20thC copper coins

24 – 18thto 20thC copper coins

1. 7 – 18th to 20thC copper coins  

7. 19thC buckle  

8. 18thC crotal bell  

9. 1500-1700mount  

10. 17thC sword hanger fitting  

12. Barrel key fragment  

13. 2 printing press spacer blocks  

14. 17thC lead token  

15. Barrel key fragment  

16. 19thC pin fire cartridge  

17. 16thC Tudor clothing fastener fragment  

18. 18thC clog fastener  

19. Nail  

20. Victorian mount  

1. 1675 Charles II milled copper farthing  

2. George V Emperor- Colonial 2 pence copper coin  

3. Illegible jetton  

4. Illegible jetton  

5. 20thC ‘OldKing Cole’ token  

6. Georgian pendant  

7. Gilded copper mount  

8. 18 clay pipe stems  

16. 5 Post Tudor pottery shards  

1. 18 PostTudor pottery shards  

16.6 Post Tudor buttons

36 Post Tudorbuttons  



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