ENGLAND Spring 2012

This was an 11 day hunt. 

We had a full group of 7 and once again stayed at the "Barn"




Local Pub



Nice 1839 Silver Shilling

Another 50 Cal BMG bullet

Looks like a big Penny in the bottom of the hole

Looking better

Wiped some of the dirt off, you can see the date

NICE big 1800 King George III penny


Something very DEEP

What could this be?

Some kind of mount

1797 King George III Cartwheel

Miles M36 Grenade plugs

Musket Balls


1839 Queen Victoria Silver Shilling (rev)

1839 Queen Victoria Silver Shilling

1922 George V milled silver Florin (20 Pence)

1922 George V milled silver Florin (rev)

Hammered Silver 1215, 1279 and 1279

Hammered Silver (rev)



600-775 AD Saxon Sceat (EMC 2012.0131) 



20-25 AD. Cunobelin Celtic silver coin


 The pile of "Greenies"


The trash bag for the week.


The sun sets on another hunt in England




1.1839 Victoria milled silver Shilling

2. Georgian silver thimble

3. 1215 Henry III hammered silver short cross penny -Class 8a Obv HENRICVS REX

Rev FILAIMER ON LVNDE - Fil Aimer of London Mint

4. 1279 Edward 1st hammered silver penny Obv **ANGL DNS **

Rev CIVI/TAS/CAN/TOR - Canterbury mint

5. 1279 Edward 1st hammered silver penny CIVI/TAS/LON/DON London mint

6. 1634 Charles 1st hammered silver half groat

7. Victoria silver jewelry fragment

8. 1922 George V milled silver Florin (20 Pence)

9. Georgian ram head mount

10. George III gold half guinea gaming token

11. Victorian silver watch back cover

12. C13/14th  Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre badge

13. Roman buckle tongue

15. 18thC apothecary weight

16. Saxon mount

17. Georgian mount

19. Georgian harness buckle

20. 1550-1650 buckle


The Buttons

(I always through away a few hundred)




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