Once again I have made the trip to England. And once again we are visiting the Colchester region of England.

I met up with Ron from Chicago and his group of hunters.

We again stayed in the converted barn. And had access to all the same fields and was able to move about with or own van. 


Just arrived


The back of the VAN

The Barn near Maningtree

The Barn

Local wildlife

Local landmark


The crew


Some of the Fields


Some of my Finds

1945 George VI milled silver florin (24 pence)

1841 Victorian milled silver shilling

1594 -6 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat - woolpack mint mark

1868 Victorian milled silver 3 pence

1688 James II milled silver sixpence - love token

Hammered silver long cross penny


18thC crotal bell


16th Century Tudor seal matrix - horse head facing right


More WWII 40mm Anti-Aircraft flak fragments. And a 50 cal BMG bullet.



They are everywhere!! I gave away or tossed another pile of 4-hole and flat buttons.


1797 Two Pence (Cartwheel)


Some Other stuff

Musket Balls

18th Century Silver Clog Fastener 

2 Gregorian Thimbles 

18th Century Watch Winder 

Medieval lead token long cross and pellet 

RR Button

1825 D.Hill & Co Wollen manufacturers token

German Coin Fragment

Victorian shield mount with 4 integral lugs


10th Century Saxon Harness Cheek Piece


Will upload other finds soon


  ************ Went again in the fall of 2009 ************


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