This page is about my metal detecting trip to the Colchester region of England in October 2007.

I went back with an all "Florida" crew. We stay at a house that was a converted barn. 

We had access to all the same fields but were able to move about with or own van. 

NO gold coins were found by our group. But I made some more great finds.  



Roman Bronze Coin, Constantine, around 330 AD.

Issued during the 330's by Constantine I ("the Great") and various members of his family (sons and Caesars Constantine II, Constans and Constantius II as well as nephew Delmatius Caesar). The type shows two soldiers each holding a spear and curved shield. Between them, on early issues, are two standards consisting of a stack of medallions on a pole. Like the Falling Horseman type, these suffered a decrease in size during the period of issue. Shortly before his death in 337 AD, Constantine I reduced the size of the 'nummus' (= 'coin') and marked the change by replacing the two standards between the soldiers with a single one they share. Since this happened before the death of Constantine I, we find both one and two standard coins issued in his name.



Hammered Silver Finds


1571 Elizabeth the 1st 6 Pence

1625 Charles 1st silver penny

1199 King John silver half penny (cut)

1199 King John silver penny

Very worn Spanish 1/2 Reale




Milled Silver



Milled Copper Coins (greenies)


1924 Sixpence


1920 Sixpence


1920 Shilling


1696 Shilling  (12 Pence)


1697 Shilling  (12 Pence)








WWII 40mm Anti-Aircraft flak fragments. And two 50 cal BMG bullets.



I gave away or tossed another 100 4-hole and flat buttons.

Some Other stuff

Fob Chain

Small Buckles


Victorian Harness Mount

Watch Winder Keys

18th Century Spur


Crotal Bells



1619-25 Gold coin weight Half laurel of James I, 3rd Coinage 5.0 gm - Crown XS



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