This page is about my metal detecting trip to the Colchester region of England in October 2006.

I had an excellent time. With access to over 10,000 acres of land, there was never a shortage of places to hunt. 

And with most of the areas being farm fields, the dirt gets turned over every year. I dug over 500 targets in the week I was there. 

I dug over 200 buttons and 75 coins. Of those coins, only 12 were dated later than 1900!! 

I did dig a lot of trash, nails, lead, can parts and tin foil, but if your looking for the old you got to dig the new and get it out of the way.

Some of the target were extremely small. Low and slow is their motto. I do the low part, but I'm a fast hunter by nature.

 I did not go there with the notion I was going to find the Holy Grail or anything like that. 

I just wanted to find coins and items that I could not find here in the US. And I achieved that, 10 fold.

The only coin I was really hoping to find was a Silver Groat.

I had seen some that were recovered and that type of coin greatly appealed to me and would best symbolize my trip.

I recommend this hunt to anyone who loves metal detecting and history! I want to thank our host Chris who made the trip an experience to remember.

I can go into the details but I'll let their web pages do all the talking.

Anyone wanting more information on this hunt, there is a link to their web page at the bottom. Or you can email me directly.



Here are pictures of typical hunt fields.




My favorite find from my England trip.

1464 Edward IV Silver Groat.

(about the size of a US quarter)

Found on the 4th day of hunting. Pictures taken just moments after the recovery. I was thrilled !!!!!

I sat just staring at it. I had to take sometime to savor the moment.


Pictures of some of my finds.......

1845 One Shilling

1860 Six Pence

1925 Six Pence

1939 Six Pence

1945 Six Pence

1696 William III Six Pence Love Token

1603 James 1st Gold Angel coin weight

2nd Century Roman Bronze Cloak Pin Broach 

2nd Century Roman Cloak Broach (rev)

1634-1636 Charles 1st Rose Farthings

Rose Farthing (enlarged)

Rose Farthing (enlarged rev)

Farthing size comparison with US Cent

1576 French Jetton

1576 French Jetton (rev)

Medieval Chess Piece

Gregorian Watch Winder Key

Gregorian Watch Winder Key (rev)

1485 Henry VII Silver Half Penny

1485 Henry VII Silver Half Penny (rev)

Size comparison with US cent

1625-1649 Charles 1st Silver Penny

1625-1649 Charles 1st Silver Penny (rev)

Size comparison with US cent




There is a lot of items not pictured yet. Musket balls, crotal bells, spur fragments, silver spoons, badges, pins, straps, and other small items.


Miscellaneous Copper Coins 1700's, 1800's and 1900's


Some of the 140+ buttons I kept. I tossed almost 100 4-hole fly buttons.


This is a picture of the crew I hunted with.

From left to right.....

Jeff from Ca, Norm from Ga, Myself kneeling, Sarah from Ca, Yngve Karlsson from Sweden, Tony from Ohio.


Here are some button pictures.



Here are some copper coin pictures (pre-cleaning)


I went back again in the fall of 2007. Had another great hunt. See pictures under England 2008.


  ************ New trip planned October 2008 ************


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